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Looking for living room decorating ideas? Watch my highly requested living room tour Youtube! I received so many comments on my Christmas tree decorating video, asking me to do a living room tour of my home. I listened, spruced up a bit and uploaded a living room decor video to share with you my living room decorating ideas. I’m also sharing my extreme diy, entertainment center accent wall installation makeover. For living room decorating ideas, this is the living room blog post for you. For your convenience I’ve linked my living room furniture and decorations for you to easily shop this style for your home. Click here to visit my blog posts affiliate shopping links.

Living room decor Ideas Almond Summers

Living Room Furniture Ideas

Living Room Furniture Layout

Decorating a small space can be challenging, especially when incorporating enough seating for your guests. In determining my living room furniture layout, I decided upon a tufted sofa as well as 2 wingback chairs. For a calming space, I selected furniture that was simple and without busy patterns. Comfortable furniture was also a major necessity for my living room decor. A living room furniture layout should flow seamlessly with the rest of your home. Therefore, I opted not to place the tufted sofa up against the wall under the window. Instead, I reversed it, moving it to the opposite side of the room. This layout seamlessly separates the living room from the dining area. Now, the living room layout appears to be a completely separate room. By placing the wingback chairs diagonally under the window, the layout cohesively allows for a small end table or decorative vase to be placed between them. See my updated living room tour with the newly added vintage end tables. Lastly for this living room furniture layout, I chose a simple coffee table design that would rest in the center of the room along with a large area rug.

Living Room Wall Built by Almond Summers

diy Living Room Decorating Ideas

Build A Wall & Hide Cords Behind The Wall

When I moved into this apartment a fireplace was a necessity! Hanging a flat screen tv without the cords showing was a priority too. Unfortunately the only way to do this was to break open the wall and damage it, which was not an option. The wall is coated with super hard thick plaster, which is very difficult to make holes for the cords to drop down inside. So I came up with an idea to build a wall on top of the wall. This would serve the purpose of both installing an electric fireplace and mounting a flat screen television without the cords showing. Plus it would be easy for me to remove the wall after I moved. The landlord might want me to restore the wall back to the original condition. But after seeing my wall installation, the landlord loved it. He said, it totally increased the value of the unit, so now it’s a permanent fixture. Click here to see the newly updated fireplace mantel I installed. Speaking of walls, to dress up my walls beside the fireplace wall I built, I added to wall sconces. Adjacent from there I added 2 beautiful mirrors on opposite sides of the window. Click here to see the mirrors.

Living room decorating ideas Accent Decor

Home Decor Accents

From the rugs to the crown molding, I tried my best to make sure every little inch of my living room was touched with love. I enjoy paying attention to the details when decorating a space. Living room decorating ideas can be intimidating if you don’t narrow down your style. Here’s a helpful tip, choose fabrics and furniture that you can see being around after 5 years. Think “classic” decorations you can pass down generations, when you’re out shopping. Some accent decor doesn’t always have to be classic, but can be unique to you. Just be sure not to choose something that is in style for the moment on Instagram.

Vintage French Bench Wall Design Almond Summers

Shop This Post

Here are a few items I’ve linked for you.

Living Room Decorating Ideas Living Room Accent Furniture

Accent Furniture

Accent Chair & Living Room Wall Decor

For my home accent decor, I chose this beautiful vintage french bench along with this unique side table and a set of tres chic wall mirrors. Unfortunately the Pulaski St Tropez Bench is sold out on amazon but I will leave a link here just in case it becomes available again.

Vintage French Bench Wall Design By Almond Summers

Shop Living Room Furniture

Chesterfield Sofa Dupe For Less

Clean and simple minimalist living room decorating ideas for your home. I chose sleek wing back chairs and a microfiber sofa for my living room. After reviewing several stores for living room furniture, I was happy with the comfort of this Chesterfield sofa dupe. The sofa is tufted with excellent quality down filled seating. I wanted seating that would last a long time as well as be easy to clean. The color is called buckwheat. Its one of the best quality sofas Ive found that doesn’t have piling and the pillows stay in tact after sitting on them. My two wingback chairs are comfy as well but I would recommend having a throw blanket because the material isn’t soft fabric. Throws keep your sofa and wingback chairs from getting dirty. I would highly recommend using a scotch guard on your chairs and sofa before using them.

Living room decorating ideas

Decorative Accessories

Take your time when shopping for pieces that will be in your home. They are pieces that will be around for a while, so you will need to be sure they are not just going to be in style today and outdated in 3 months. But be sure to purchase at least a minimum of 3 throw blankets. There will need to be enough to go around but also to throw one into the washing machine when one gets dirty, you’ll have another clean substitute. Here is the link to the beautifully soft crochet blanket I purchased Click Here. However I highly suggest grabbing the simple white throws too, as they are washable click here.

I recommend always having some sort of edible snack or yummy goodies to keep in your living room for your guest when they visit your home. If you choose snacks other than fruit, choose something you can store inside beautiful sealed containers away from dust that may accumulate from the air. I would suggest replacing the fruit weekly by shopping at your local farmers market. Choose a fruit bowl that matches the theme of your home, when shopping for living room decorating ideas.

decorative accents living room decorating ideas

When adding vases to these floating cubes shelves, be sure to purchase sticky Velcro Strips and Quake Hold to make sure they won’t fall if someone accidentally bumps them by mistake. My white and gold vases below were displayed with red flowers for February but when March arrives I will switch them out for another set of flowers.

Living room decorating ideas

I do hope my designs have inspired you to add some beautiful updates to your home. If you like this living room decorating ideas tour  video then check out my bedroom tour video. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!

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  1. Good design practices entails that you should always place your rug in such a way that allows some pieces of furniture such as a part of your couch, coffee table, or small table to sit on top of the rug. This will give the impression that everything is connected to one another is all coherent.

    • Hi- Thank you for your comment. Initially I purchased that rug for my bedroom and have since removed it from the living room. I’ve purchased a much larger rug for the living room area and it looks so much better plus it makes the room look bigger with the rug reaching under the furniture. So great minds think alike. ?

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