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Are you looking for some closet decorating ideas? Build an affordable dream closet by organizing and decorating your space to fit your style. Check out these tips for creating a closet design without hiring a professional decorator. From storage options for your hats to having a tray for sunglasses, I designed solutions that are functional and cute. My wardrobe closet organization system needed some work. Everything was basically shoved into one closet making it difficult to find anything! By building my own Ikea wardrobe pax system, using products I bought from a hardware store, my DIY wardrobe is totally Instagram pretty! If you’d like to see what the closet looked like before, check out my Closet Renovation video. Click Herecloset tour 2018

Closet Decorating Ideas & Closet Accessories

When choosing stylish closet accessories, it’s best to start at home. Look at your current home decor and see what you gravitate to when selecting decor accessories. Don’t try to decorate your wardrobe based off what other people do or trends. Choose closet decor ideas that mean something to you. After collecting items found around your home, go shop for closet accessories that you won’t mind looking at over and over again. Decor pieces should have meaning, unless its a holiday piece that you’ll switch out after the holiday is over. If you are decorating an Ikea Pax Organization System, a dresser or closet shelves, figure out the look you are going for, such as, the minimalist look, a full bright colorful look or a traditional modern style. Don’t be afraid to DIY or make closet decor for your space! There are tons of DIY closet projects that you can find online to help come up with something creative.  This is important to remember while shopping for closet decor. Here are some photos of my closet accessories as well as some of my dainty but glam closet decorating ideas.

closet decorating ideas

For my upper wardrobe closet, I tried 2 different design styles. The first design I created, I used jewelry display stands, books with minimal brand logos and sculpted accent pieces. I wanted to design this section making the jewelry the focal point. This style was very pretty for my youtube video. All the pieces are incredibly beautiful and made me feel like royalty.

closet decor

Typography As Art

I personally love typography on social media posts, but generally I’m not a fan of it in my home decor. Maybe it’s because I’m always seeing the same posts everywhere. Hahaha. I couldn’t resists putting typography inside these gorgeous Nicole Miller picture frames. I wanted something I had not seen online before. One day while getting ready to eat, as I was about to say grace, it hit me. I jumped for joy because that’s when I was able to think of typography I would love to see regularly, as I got dressed each day. I typed out this prayer that a close friend gave to me and placed it inside the frame. This isn’t a verse in the bible, it was written and handed out to the members of the church one Sunday. I had not attended, but she had and she remembered I was going through some difficulty in my life at that time. So to this day, I have memorized this and it reminds me, I made it through. Even today each word refreshes through trying times. The 11:11 has its own special place in my heart too. I hopped on photoshop and created these two lovely prints. Check out these cute alternative frames similar to mine, click here.

closet typography

Adding Books To Your Closet Design

Here is the second design, with books added to the wardrobe closet tour.  I wanted to add more color to the closet and these fashion related books needed a home. They really do add such a balance of color to the closet shelving. Click here to see these books first hand. Inside the orange box is a Louis Vuitton Book of art, I was gifted for my birthday. The other books on the top closet shelf, are the Chanel: 3 Book Series, The Louis Vuitton: Art Fashion And Architecture and Chanel: The Vocabulary of Style. But I would highly recommend choosing books that mean something to you. Swap out books during seasons.

closet organization system DIY

closet accessories jewelry display ideas

By adding the necklaces I wear the most to this necklace stand, it allows for easy quick removal when getting dressed. I placed the leatherette bust necklace display stand onto this sculpted stone pedestal. Très chic. The pierced earring stand also adds for a quick jewelry removal, a definite must have for jewelry storage.

Speaking of storage for jewelry, this super large Stackers jewelry box is sooo beautiful. I love the gorgeous white rhinestone swan trinket box I purchased at ZGallerie but I found another super cute one on Amazon thats much less expensive click here to see it! I chose this one over others because of the quality. Most others felt cheap to me. This one is stronger and has better quality material than most jewelry inserts. I plan on building another drawer and using these inside the drawers. Each compartment  can be purchased separately and comes in other colors like pink and black. Click here to check them out!

closet jewelry box stackers drawer inserts

DIY Sunglasses Tray

After extensive unsuccessful searches all over the internet, for a drawer insert that would hold my sunglasses, I decided to think outside of the box. I went to Ikea and purchased their insert but when I got home it was too small. I didn’t want the look of something plastic and lower quality. My search led me to Amazon, where I found a wooden bamboo drawer insert for spices. It’s used for holding cooking spices but I noticed it was similar to the sunglasses tray. I purchased it and tested it out, Voila it fit! Beyond thrilled, I decided to leave it in it’s natural state. But some redesigns are definitely on the way, so that the second pair of sunglasses don’t slip down into the bottom row. For now I use glue dots that easily peel off whenever I need to use them. It comes in 3 different sizes, I would highly recommend this one over the cheap quality plastic or cardboard felt ones. My DIY sunglasses tray holds about 21 pairs of sunglasses. Click here to see it!

closet shelving DIY Drawer IKEA Hack

closet DIY Drawer sunglasses insert tray

closet sunglasses drawer insert tray

I love how my sunglasses drawer insert tray and everything else fits so well inside of my DIY Ikea drawer hack. For more details on this wardrobe system and how I built this drawer as well as the glass shelves click here.

closet sunglasses insert tray

Closet Lighting System

Woohoo! I’ve never had closet lights in my closet until now. Hands down these are the coolest closet lights I’ve used! They are sensor lights I purchased from Amazon. These closet lights are available in multiple colors and sold in packs of two per package. I chose the warm yellow hue, most folks prefer the white led hue, this brand also carries. The body style of these closet lights are available in white, silver and black. This is one of the best features of my closet tour. I am in love with how amazing these closet wardrobe lights look at night. The lights are charged by your computer and they last for a while. I’ll definitely add them to my cabinets in my bathroom and kitchen. Click here to see them.

closet shelving DIY

Closet Organization By Color

Closet Hangers

A super cool way to create a cohesive look for your closet is to color coordinate sections of your wardrobe. Try using hangers that are all the same, colors and style. When you get hangers that don’t match donate them. I purchased my wooden hangers from Amazon a little bit at a time to make them fit my budget. Otherwise they can get to be expensive. Try to purchase them each pay check. Donate clothes you no longer want or need so that you can have more space and use less hangers. Click here to see the hangers I purchased.

Color coordinating your clothes will appear much neater and look cohesive. Also try to hang clothes the same direction. Personally I have all my clothes hanging up by style, for example: dresses with dresses and pants with pants. But if you find you have a lot of patterns in your clothes, hang them toward the back or in the sections not highly visible.

closet lights

Closetmaid Shelves & Shoe Racks

Here’s an amazing no fuss solution for storing my shoes in my closet. I purchased my shoe storage from Amazon, from a company called ClosetMaid. Click Here. I have 3 Closetmaid shoe shelves because I’ve found them to work extremely well. My tallest high heels sometimes need to have the straps pushed over them on the top but they fit and look okay for the most part. I also added caulk to the inside corners, to make them appear a higher quality. It was super easy to put together and they are not wobbly but super sturdy.

closet decor accents

Last but not least, I added more pedestals and molding to my closet to give it a classy, french style and I love it! Click here to see more pedestals. They are an awesome way to display your handbags an purses.

I can’t wait to show you my full bedroom tour when al the designing is completed. For now visit my Bedroom Tour to see the rest of the room. Click Here

If you decide to use any of my tips or DIY’s, feel free to tag me on social media showing me how it worked out for you! I do hope you enjoyed my blog, leave me a comment below and share your closet makeover with me and others.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! ♡

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