Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Vintage French Decor

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Monochromatic Bedroom Decor

How to decorate your bedroom using different shades of white and still maintain a perfect balance using similar tones. My favorite color is white so naturally this is the theme of almost everything in my life, including my bedroom decorating ideas. Combine that with my love and aspirations for visiting the U.K, London and Paris specifically, I incorporated this into my bedroom decor designs.

Bedroom decorating Ideas 2018

My Romantic French & Modern Inspired Bedroom

I really wanted my bedroom to be dreamy and romantic and everyone know Paris is the City of Love! When deciding what to put on the beautiful honeymoon inspired canopy bed, I couldn’t stop thinking of romance, in a storybook, happily ever after kind of way lol. I purchased my bed years ago from Home Decorators catalog. This set included a bed frame and the two night stands. However the original color of the bed was dark beige but I painted it white, added some faux pillows and crisp white sheets.  In the center,I added a decorative silver rhinestoned pillow, to the bed which I purchased from a furniture store, custom designed by me.

Bedroom decorating Ideas

3 Dimensional Wall Art

Choosing wall art for your rooms can take a lot of time if you are as picky as me. Generally I seek out art that will not disturb nor influence my mental balance, when looking at it everyday. I chose these door panels because they remind of the architecture building in the UK. I have alway dreamed of visiting there and taking some amazing art for my wall but until then these door panels I purchased from Amazon will have to do instead. Click Here for details.

Bedroom decorating Ideas

Shop My Style

Here are some links I’ve created on Amazon for quick access to my bedroom decorating ideas. My DIY door panels were originally brown wood that I painted white using a chalk paint (Click Here). The white paint really made the contrasting metal designs pop. The doors are light weight and easy to hang on the wall. On each individual wall, I hung only 2 of the silver trio of flowers designed by a company called Uttermost, a sunflower and a hibiscus.

Bedroom decorating Ideas

Netflix & Chill Entertainment

For enjoyment, I like to keep yummy snacks and reading materials beside my bed. Currently, I am reading a book called, Get Over Your D@mn Self which I leave on my nightstand. At the foot of my bed I have an ivory tufted ottoman and the most beautiful area rug underneath.  A dainty glass jar set filled with my favorite candy and nuts are place on the top of a serving tray which are also on the ottoman for my guests. This rectangular ottoman is a perfect hideaway for extra storage pillows and blankets. My Netflix and Chill wouldn’t be complete without my Roku and my dark glass entertainment shelf.

Bedroom decorating Ideas

Bedroom decorating Ideas

Diptyque Candles

Throughout all my designs, adding Diptyque Candles to my bedroom decorating ideas seem to be a repetitive routine. This is because they smell so good! While shooting my Swimsuit Haul for Labor Day weekend I decided to light a candle for ambiance and while filming I couldn’t help but notice how the lovely scent bursted throughout the pool area. I was floored by how big of a bouquet the small candle created! You must try them.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas

I do hope my designs have inspired you to add some beautiful updates to your home. If you like this bedroom decorating ideas tour video, then check out my living room tour. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!


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