Tips For A Successful Year

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New Year’s Resolutions Ready?

Here is one of my many two minute inspirational videos that will kickstart your New Year’s Resolutions! No one else can wear your crown, what is meant for you, is meant for you! Just be sure the path you’ve chosen is something you absolutely love, because at the end of your journey, there is nothing more miserable than the regret of a life wasted on doing something you hate. Choose a crown that inspires you everyday you wake up! Just be sure that it gives you more pleasure than stress. This way you’ll be happy and have positive energy you can sprinkle on to those around you!

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Bloom Wherever You’re Planted

Sometimes in life we’re dealt a life of unfortunate circumstances. Perhaps you have obligations or people depending on you, so it inhibits you from doing what you really desire. After years of struggling, I’ve found this one thing to be true….. there’s a silver lining in every cloud and the sun eventually shines. Instead of feeling defeated by your circumstances, look for opportunities that are odd or not something you’d normally adopt into your path. This is how the silver lining is revealed. You must nurture the positivity and not let the negativity fuel into your path. We’re always given a choice and it will only grow if you let it. We just have to be clever enough to find a better way. It may not happen overnight, but it will happen. So grab the seeds of your New Year’s Resolutions and plant them now! Work hard at watering and cultivating your craft and BLOOM!!! I hope my inspirational videos help you break free from all negativity!

Inspirational videos Almond Summers

Ready Set Goals

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I can’t stress enough the importance of writing out your goals. It will really help you organize your thoughts and build a plan to really make your New Year’s Resolutions become a reality. Buy a day planner or a journal and start writing out your thoughts and goals. Just know you can never skip the climb, if you want to make it to the top. You have to work hard and create your own destiny. This is your vision, so write out the blueprint to make your dream a reality. Just remember not to overthink it for too long, because time waits for no man.

Inspirational videos Almond Summers

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Hey don’t wait until things go badly before you being to pray or meditate. Let these be constants in your life. Stay balanced by always finding a way to maintain your mental balance through either meditation or through some other outlet that allows you to cleanse and refuel your inner soul. We have so much to bob and weave around throughout our life, so why not make time to release those things that could potentially build up and cause problems later. This way when the little things do arise it will be easier for you not to sweat the small stuff and deal with them with a clear mind. If you aren’t a meditating or praying type of person, then release your tension through yoga or some other activities that helps you to feel whole. This will make your New Year’s resolutions seem like a breeze.

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Live & Win!

Your time is now! Live like there’s no tomorrow. As long as you live with positivity in your heart and take good care of your mental and physical health you will be on the road for success. Have a Happy New Year! Go After those New Year’s Resolutions and knock them out! Have faith you will win! Speaking of physical health, check out my Advice & Thoughts categories to see more inspirational videos and tips on how I stay mentally balanced through my workouts.

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Expect Nothing Less Than What You Deserve

Get out there and take what’s meant for you! I do hope these inspirational videos and motivational tips have inspired you to live your best life! Dare to believe in the impossible and start living! It all begins with you! Subscribe to my youtube page to see more inspirational videos!


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Tips For A Successful Year