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A digital content creator, based in Los Angeles California. Each week on her blog and other social media platforms, she documents her elegant style guide for beginners who are looking to elegantly elevate their fashion style and home decor . Almond Summers is a creative Influencer cultivating elegance one day at a time. This Entrepreneurs style creates an alchemy of classical French romance, on her feminine style blog. When not creating content, Almond loves to watch old movie classics, British movies and futuristic syfy series on tv.

bonjour, mon ami!

A Los Angeles Blogger

The AlmondSummers.com blog is an elegant style guide sharing styling tips for home, feminine fashion and lifestyle from a single woman’s perspective. Almond creates and shares unique products that add a romantic spin on vintage french home decor. Her decorating style doesn’t follow mainstream, especially her series of Christmas videos. This blog contains a collection of curated content that opens readers eyes to properly styling home decor. On a journey to refine her style, Almond shares fashion tips and ideas based on clothing that tends to express her femininity. Her blog features content for beginners learning to cultivate elegance in their fashion & home choices. Don’t be surprised if she captures you with couture wedding dresses and classic vintage outfits. Almond Summers doesn’t consider herself an expert but more of a student growing with her comrades. This blog goes in depth with how to’s in each blog post.

Being a successful social trendsetter, a Partnership with Ms.Summers is the perfect choice for Brand campaigns seeking Los Angeles California influencers. If you would like to work with Almond on your projects, then don’t hesitate to inquire here:  Contact Almond to send me a message. Be sure to visit Almond on her other social media platforms.

Almond Summers

Fun Facts About Me


Shellfish especially snow crab legs Yum


Long covid and 4D hair, Woo they both try my patience

on weekends you’ll find me…

Working on my business and building a brand

I couldn’t live without

A restful nights sleep and a thick warm bath robe

Morning person or night owl?

I’m so not a morning person. Mornings should start at noon

Currently binging

Health & wellness videos on YouTube

favorite travel destination

St Tropez, France

Best piece of advice i’ve received

The only way to fail is to quit, so keep putting in the work and showing up every day.

Let’s Collaborate

interested in a collab? I’d love to connect!


I’m 5’4 | Weight 129 Pounds | Shoe size 8.5 | Measurements 36 / 24 / 36 | Size 6

Almond was once an professional working union SAG/Aftra Actor in Hollywood movies and commercials such as Doritos chips, but left the business due to tragic reasons. She has since rekindled her fire for the arts by finally living her truth, through the creation of her film style videos for Youtube and Facebook.. If you’d like to view more about Ms.Summers’ acting career visit her IMDB listing. During her down time as an Actor, Almond Summers was an entrepreneur who built her own beverage business called Fresh Juice Delivery, where she worked for almost 10 years. She has since, closed the business to focus on her life’s true passion, the arts.

White is my favorite, I love white everything! If I had to choose a second color I would choose white hahaha! Ok if you forced me to choose a second color it would either be baby blue / red /blush pink

I enjoy learning new things, currently I’m learning to sew. I also run a small business on the side and it is therapeutic and lastly I’ve tried my hand at baking and decorating vintage cakes.

No, I’ve been in long term relationships my entire life and it feels good to be single for a while.