Romantic Christmas Decorating Ideas

Fairy Tale Christmas Decor

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[dropcap custom_class=”whbr”] Who says we should limit our holiday decor to the traditional red and green ornaments. Being a single woman, I chose romantic Christmas decorations that were beyond my imagination. Vintage nostalgia took my romantic Christmas decorating ideas to another level! This vintage Christmas decor turned into a magical fairy tale holiday. Styling your home with romantic Christmas designs will make you feel like the princess of your castle. If Cinderella had a romantic Christmas tree with the Prince who found her glass slipper, their Christmas tree would look something like the one I designed this year. Lets take a tour of my castle and maybe it will inspire your own romantic Christmas decorating ideas. WATCH VIDEO [/dropcap] Christmas decorations Romantic Christmas Decor

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Almond Summers Christmas Designs Romantic Christmas Decorations #almondsummers

King Of Christmas Tree

Choosing the perfect Christmas tree can be difficult. I’ve used my 8 foot flocked King of Christmas Tree for 3 years in a row and it added a nice winter feel in my sunny California home. I originally purchased it from Amazon and it came without lights, however it was never restocked on Amazon. Its best to go straight to the King of Christmas website to order the 8 foot flocked tree with lights click here. Although this tree added a nice touch for my romantic Christmas decorations, next year I will try a different tree, to change things up a bit. A review of this Christmas tree is coming up soon and it will feature the good, the bad and the flocking hahaha. Click here to see my blush pink Christmas decorating ideas video, when I first set it up, or click here to view my blush pink Christmas blog post.

Christmas decorating ideas King of Christmas Flocked Tree Almond Summers Designs

Romantic Christmas Decorations Fairy tale Christmas decorating ideas

Vintage Christmas Decorations

Vintage romantic themes can make your space feel magical. Romantic decorating can be created using any type of style. If your style is Farmhouse or modern glam, you can style make it feel romantic. My theme is French Opulent, which means my romantic Christmas decorations will included ornate pieces and vintage French Christmas decorations which I either custom-made or I found while out shopping. Like this gorgeous Cupid Angel with a horn sitting on the mantel I purchased on Amazon. Click Here. It actually sat on the other end of the mantel but the lighting was bad so I moved it here to get better lighting for the photo. This was my first time ever decorating a mantel. Honestly, I didn’t want to decorate it at all after building it. (Click here to see) I chose an antique gold color palette for my romantic Christmas decorations, because of its rich and elegance appearance.

Christmas decorations vintage french romantic christmas decorating ideas Fairy tale decorating ideas

romantic christmas decorating ideas french vintage christmas decor

Adding Roses to Romantic Christmas Decor

Christmas Decorations 2023

For the past 3 years I’ve tried adding roses to my romantic Christmas decorations and the end result always seemed off. When you think of Christmas it usually includes pine, fir, cedar, juniper types of foliage. It was hard to make roses on my tree look good in photos for some reason. My problem was sticking a single rose on the Christmas tree, all over the tree. Then one day I tried grouping them together and decorating with them that way and voila! Finally the vision came to life! I grouped some of them together on the mantel and also tried them once again on the tree. It worked perfectly! I purchased this really beautiful silver pitcher on Amazon and filled it with these gorgeous roses. Click here for details on this beauty.

Christmas decorations 2018 romantic christmas decor

Christmas Tree Wraps

Romantic Christmas Decorating Ideas

I chose to use Christmas tree wraps instead of ribbon because the tree was so big and it usually swallows up the ribbons. Draping a gorgeous fabric on the tree not only looks amazing but it also helps Christmas tree decorating evolve. I know I took a risk adding a Christmas tree wrap to the tree and possibly embarrassing myself on Youtube (click here to see the video) but I wanted to start a new trend for trees. I’ve never seen anyone add a wrap to a tree before. I searched the internet including Pinterest, Youtube and Google, but I found nothing. The Christmas tree wrap I chose added a feminine elegance to my tree. Its satin and white softness created the perfect romantic Christmas decorating idea I had in mind.

romantic Christmas decorations french christmas decorating ideas Fairy tale decor

Recycling Christmas decorations from last year helped me put this all together. In addition to the new items I purchased in this years Christmas decorations haul (click here to see) I found some vintage romantic Christmas decorations, that brought these Fairy tale Christmas ideas together nicely. How adorable is this The Night Before Christmas Book! Click here to shop some of my favorite like this cute lace mug by Lenox click here

french romance romantic christmas decorations Fairy tale Christmas decorating ideas

Christmas decorations 2018 Christmas decorating ideas

Romantic Christmas decorations Christmas decorating ideas Vintage christmas decor

Christmas decorations Romantic christmas decorating ideas white decorations Romantic Christmas decorations Christmas decorating ideas Vintage christmas decor

If you decide to use any of my tips on, vintage Christmas Decorations, or any other DIY’s, feel free to tag me on social media #AlmondSummersChristmasInspo I’d love to see how it worked out for you! I do hope you enjoyed my blog, leave me a comment below and share your holiday decorations with me and others.

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  1. Beautifully done. Lots of elegant embellishments with the romantic vibe but still a twist the the traditional through contemporary Santa’s and Nutcrackers. Enjoyed your video and appreciate the purchases you referenced. You let people know that there were things in this design that were attainable on even a slim budget!

  2. Absolutely stunning! I love your wrap idea! I may try it next year on one of my trees! I am always looking for new things to do and find I invent all sorts of things! Looking forward to reading your other posts! I love your style! Truly magical indeed!

  3. OMG Almond Summers! I’m blown away by your creative vision and talent. I spent the entire weekend looking at all of your videos on youtube and I’ don’t know how I’ve missed your blog all these years. I LOVE EVERYTHING you have posted and look forward to being inspired by you and will also follow you now on IG. Gorgeous posts and the best holiday décor I’ve seen so far. Thank you for sharing your creativity with everyone!

    • Hi Maria You’ve put a super huge smile on my face and joy in my heart! 😍🎄🛍🎁 Thank you so much for your generous compliments!!!✨ Welcome to my social media accounts & website! Your words of encouragement are inspiring and definitely keep me motivate! Best Regards!😊💞💝🎀✨

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Romantic Christmas Decorating Ideas

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