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Looking for last minute gift ideas? If you’re like me, and you wait to shop for those you love, here are some amazing last minute gift ideas.  Whether you’re searching for a gift for Mom, Auntie, your sister or a best friend, this is the post for you. I’ve found some very cute gifts that every girl either wants or needs. Sometimes the best way to shop, is through word of mouth or from their wish list. Here are some suggestions that will certainly make your life so much easier.

DIY Flower Arrangements On A Budget?

Flowers are so beautiful and romantic! But if you are running low on cash, or need to shop for a lot of people at one time, this can force you to improvise. You don’t have to be the best at arranging flowers in order to create a budget bouquet. Just think about who you are shopping for, and think about their style. I’m a hopeless romantic, so I am down for all things reflecting french culture. So when I create flower arrangements for myself, I know I love the color white and my style is french. After determining who you are shopping for, you will need to select a vase that is within budget. I found this gorgeous ceramic pitcher. Here’s another tip, when selecting a vase, choose one that can be used more than once. When the recipient’s flowers are old, they should be able to reuse the vase again. This way whenever you visit them you can compliment them on the lovely vase lol.

Perfect Vase & Flowers

Lastly, you’ll need to include the flowers! You can purchase flowers from your local farmers market or your grocery store. They usually have them prearranged for customers, just take them home and put them in your new vase. Be sure to choose flowers that aren’t old and without any brownish leaves, otherwise they won’t last long. You can add a ribbon if you’d like and Voila, you’re done! When you’re looking for last minute gift ideas be sure to include budget bouquets!

Last Minute Gift Ideas

One Item Every Girl Should Carry In Her Purse

Don’t be caught without one of these, it could be your best friend in a time of need. I can’t stress enough how many times I have been saved from having a handkerchief inside my purse. Pulling out a wrinkled up piece of tissue is so not cute. Plus it has fuzzies that get stuck on your face, epic fail. Lol! Trust me when I say, having a handkerchief is such a lifesaver! Whether it’s a lip gloss smudge or dabbing a tear from an emotional moment, this dainty cloth has been with me through thick and thin. Above all other last minute gift ideas, this one is sure to win the heart of someone special. It’s the little things.

Last Minute Gift Ideas

I have always believed that classy ladies carry handkerchiefs. On my quest to becoming Mademoiselle Summers, I am embarking on a new style journey to explore the classy side of me. This is a step in a new direction of feminine elegance.

But how cute are these handkerchieves I got from Amazon!!! I purchased several because you will definitely need to own more than one. Sorry but here’s why, when you are using one of these beauties, and it gets soiled or dirty you will need a clean one. So whenever one is in the laundry, the other one is clean inside your purse. It’s small but super soft and must be washed prior to use. Lay it flat to dry, because the dryer will murder your lace. Plus, it looks cute when its not wrinkled by the dryer. Here is a link to the ones I purchased. Click Here. I purchased the personalized monogram as well as the crochet handkerchief.

last minute gift ideas

Gifts For The Person Who Has Everything

Don’t know what to get? How about an inspirational book or a pair of cute slippers. These two gifts rank high on my list because they can be gifted to just about anyone. These last minute gift ideas are thoughtful and a fantastic conversation piece. I found this amazing book called, Moments with God Whispers of Hope. It has motivational paragraphs listed by each day of the year. Its beautiful fuchsia cover has 3d detailed floral patterns with gold lettering. Its super high quality and I just love reading it. It lefts my spirits when I’m feeling down and its very well written. I would highly recommend this and a pair of animal or quirky slippers as gifts. I also purchased these cute bunny slippers with memory foam and the book on Amazon. Click here to check it out! You will be pleased at the quality.

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