Christmas Decorating Ideas

Decorating A Christmas Tree Blush Pink?

Well you’ve come to the right blog! Tis the season for blush pink Christmas decorations! It’s such a feminine gorgeous holiday idea. Blush pink Christmas decorating ideas, isn’t just for little girls, blush pink Christmas decorations are for us big girls too! I truly love decorating in all shades of pink, including rose gold. Finding blush pink Christmas decorations was challenging, when I decorated my Christmas tree years ago, before the trend. Now 4 years later blush pink Christmas decorations are everywhere! Blush pink Christmas decorating ideas can also be challenging, even deciding on the right tree for your blush pink Christmas decorations.. There’s even some blush pink and rose gold artificial Christmas trees. Click here to see some blush pink Christmas decorations you can order for your home. For a full list of my recent blush pink Christmas decorations visit my personal recommendations page Click Here (see a lot of blush pink decorations I’ve found over the year on a single page) or visit my Amazon Shop. CLICK HERE

Here’s a quote from a a cartoonist who created the Charlie Brown Christmas, a cartoon I used to watch as a kid:

“Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone…..” Charles M. Schulz

Christmas Decorating ideas Blush Pink Christmas Decorations Almond Summers

Blush Pink to Rose Gold Christmas Ornaments

Creating a theme for your decorations will make decorating your home for Christmas so much easier. You’ll have less stress trying to figure out what to buy, when shopping at busy stores. Start by writing out a list of Christmas decorating ideas for your home. This way, you won’t lose your mind, from all the beautiful decorations that might cause you to become impulsive while shopping. Once you’ve chosen a theme, such as this blush pink Christmas decorating theme, watch some Youtube videos like mine (click here) to see how others have designed their color schemes. Trust me, this will make shopping a whole lot easier. Most of the time there will be links under the video that will show you where the youtube guru purchased their holiday goodies. I decided to go with blush pink ornaments, also known as rose gold Christmas decorations this year. It’s really not easy to find blush pink ornaments in a kit, to simply buy them all at one location. I did grab up some pretty pink ornaments from Amazon. I really like them because they are not glass, they are the plastic ones that won’t break. Click here to check them out. This will make them perfect for storing them for the following years to come.

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Christmas Decorating ideas Blush Pink Christmas Decorations Almond Summers

Faux Rug Under The Tree

Don’t just stop at decorating the tree, you’re not finished until you add some details under your Christmas tree. By using a fake snow blanket, a Christmas tree skirt or a faux sheep skin rug under the tree, depending on your theme, it will really create an impressive finishing touch! I absolutely love my plush rug I purchased from Amazon, it’s gorgeous and full. I’ve had it for over a year and its clean and doesn’t shed. I highly recommend it. Click Here 

Christmas Decorating ideas Blush Pink Christmas Decorations Almond Summers

Christmas Tree Review

The King of Christmas lived up to his name, by helping me decide on a snow flocked Christmas tree this year. If you’re out shopping for a Christmas tree, you may want to consider a faux tree this year. They help keep the cost down, especially with everything else you have to spend money on for your special gathering. As for my review of  King of Christmas tree… I am in love with my purchase of this green flocked Christmas tree I purchased from Amazon.(click here for the link) They sell it in many different sizes and colors no matter what your Christmas decorating ideas consists of. I got an 8 foot tree in the color green, with flocked snow and without lights. You can also order it without flocked snow. One day I will order their white Christmas tree. But check out my Youtube video to see the tree unboxing.

 Christmas Decorating ideas Blush Pink Christmas Decorations Almond Summers

Shop Blush Pink Christmas Decorations

Here is a list of some really cute blush pink Christmas decorations I found online. No matter what your Christmas decorating ideas, this list compiles blush pink Christmas decorations that is sure to fit any theme you choose when styling your blush pink Christmas decorations in your home for Christmas. I’ve included blush pink wreaths and blush pink unicorn ornaments which are definitely a must have in your blush pink Christmas ornament collection. Click here to see the full selection of blush pink Christmas decorations on my Shop page.

Christmas Decorating ideas Blush Pink Christmas Decorations Almond Summers

Christmas Decorating ideas

Be sure to visit my Fairy Tale Christmas blog post to see my version of a Romantic Christmas. I had so much fun, it was one of my best Christmas decorating ideas. Click here to see it! I do hope you’ve enjoyed this post, as well as my video on pink Christmas decorating ideas. After you’ve finished decorating your Christmas tree using blush pink decorations, turn on some holiday Christmas music and relax with the ones you love! If you are alone for the holidays, just know that you are loved and I’m sending you joy and blessing.

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