Affordable Labor Day weekend bathing suits!

Whether you made it to the gym to crunch out those 6 pack abs or simply maintained your God given goodies at home, I’ve found some bathing suits that look amazing for your consideration. From a stylish blush ruffle two piece swimsuit, to a sizzling Maxim style Vegas pool party must have, my Labor Day swimsuit haul 2017 will help you make a big splash into your exotic vacation! I’ve provided easy links below to shop on Amazon, which is where I got these beauties, so snatch them up while you can! Hurry end of summer 2017 is going by fast! Watch my video to see how I gave life to these sexy budget friendly bathing suits.

I chose these bathing suits  because I looked through my wardrobe and discovered I had the same swimsuits for the past 10 years! They were so sad looking, I’m totally embarrassed! Not to mention they were way too small, I had body parts just popping out all over the place, so it was definitely time to upgrade. I’ve gain weight since learning to eat properly. I’m definitely healthier now but all this food’s got more than my melanin poppin… my cellulite has also joined the team too!  But hey it’s not my fault, if you have a problem with it take it up with God! He made us this way!
Now it’s time to book that Labor Day weekend vacation! I need the perfect guy to travel with and or girl friends who are down for the ultimate Girls Trip! That would be the pièce de ré·sis·tance!

“Stop waiting for the perfect time to start living a dream due to procrastination, or fear of being judged… Jump Now! Step out on faith knowing that God will never let you fall.” Almond

Blush Pink Bikini

This is a super cute blush pink bikini ruffle swimsuit, I wore first in the video and I found it to be extremely comfy. It comes with padding if you need it. I didn’t like that it came without adjustable straps and the sizing is only listed as small, medium or large. I got this in a size large.

Labor Day swimsuit haul 2017 blush pink bathing suit


Labor Day Swimsuit Haul 2017

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Labor Day swimsuit haul 2017 blush pink bathing suit


Holy Moly! This is my second Youtube video, the wheels are definitely turning and my knees are shaking! I’m a newbie on this video making adventure, so be patient with me as I learn and grow in this unpredictable field. Let me know what you think and be sure to comment and subscribe to my channel so you can catch all the fun stuff I have in store.




Bikini #3 Bikini #2 Bikini #1


Labor Day swimsuit haul 2017

Oh No! My vintage mirror photo bombed me! I thought this shot was super cute and wasn’t about to let the mirror’s specks ruin my shot! If you decide to purchase these Labor Day swimsuit haul 2017 beauties leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts. Which one of these swimsuits do you like best? If you’ve watched my video let me know what you think, are these a great set of bikinis to wear to Vegas for Labor Day weekend? Las Vegas has some really awesome night clubs that rock because of their night time pool parties!



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