Life transitions can be difficult and stressful. I went from a secure business  job to blogging and creating videos for youtube. The journey has uncharted territories for me. In this category I post my thoughts and most intimate frustrations. Most women I’ve seen who are successful using social media have a significant spouse helping them out with their photos etc and also in other helpful ways. However, I do everything on my own which may take longer and may require me to be multifaceted. Plus learning the equipment to make posting and taking photos top notch quality, takes time. Exclusively Almond was a title I created to separate my personal blogs from my business posts.

Social Media

The easiest ways to keep in touch with me throughout my new journey is through my social media accounts. Be sure to follow me or add me as your friend so you can see my day to day activities.

Getting To Know Yourself

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Don’t Recognize Who You’ve Become? What to do when suddenly nothing looks familiar about you or your life. Do you feel like you’re coasting in your life or just going with the flow? Are you intentionally just letting the days go by due to exhaustion? Maybe you are and you don’t even realize you’ve lost …

Diving Into Social Media

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Which social media apps give you the top results? Lately I’ve been thinking how great it would be to really indulge and create a social media brand for my business. At first I only sought out social media for fun, but after years of playing around on it and progressing in my business I think …

Starting A Youtube Channel

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Girl Did You Start Your Youtube Channel Yet? I’ve been ignoring this whisper for so very long, it’s now time I started living my truth. I’m super excited to be finally starting my Youtube channel! Yayyyy! This is long overdue. Being a Youtuber takes thick skin, and you have to be prepared for the good, …