Getting To Know Yourself

Don’t Recognize Who You’ve Become?

What to do when suddenly nothing looks familiar about you or your life. Do you feel like you’re coasting in your life or just going with the flow? Are you intentionally just letting the days go by due to exhaustion? Maybe you are and you don’t even realize you’ve lost track of the life you once knew. Maybe circumstances changed due to adversity, a new family, a job or an unusual situation that blocked your path causing you to feel stuck. Whatever the reasons you’re not alone. I lost my way because life wasn’t always fair and I certainly don’t recognize myself at all now. Everyone and everything in my life has changed, including my physical appearance. People say, change is good and unavoidable. But getting to know yourself, all over again is not as hard as you may think. In the beginning it’s challenging, but might actually be quite fun and adventurous. I’m slowly finding my way back after coasting for so many years. Here are the things I’ve done to get to know myself and move forward.getting to know yourself

Accepting Your Situation

Starting over again when life hands you lemons takes courage and strength. It also forces you to think outside of your personal mental space to create solutions. Forget everything you feel, what you think is fair, or have planned and start over from scratch. Don’t blame yourself when unexpected situations suddenly drop in your lap, or have crept upon you over years and now your life’s headed in the wrong direction. It’s time to accept your situation. I’ll repeat this, it’s time to accept your situation. Yes, all of it! That is the only way to get out of the mud puddle. You must be honest with your present and let go of your past and put all of your thoughts and energy into your future. Focusing on where you want to be will guide you to the light, to see how to start rebuilding your path and mental stability. I went from being a working actress and business owner to having it all swept away without me realizing it. I let my emotions carry me through wasted years of my life. This was due to my relationships not working out, my business failing and falling in love with the wrong man. But after accepting my situation, praying and building my relationship with God, I am able start again with a zest for my new direction.

getting to know yourself

Just Be Yourself, They Say…

How can you be yourself, if you don’t know who you are? Have you looked in the mirror and not recognized your face, your hair, or your body? Maybe you are working a job that is no where close to the dreams you once set for yourself. Remember when you used to be happy about planning your day, doing the things you loved. Have your values changed because you made a wrong turn and you’re breaking your own rules, in order to deal with life. Have you gained weight and now your body looks so different, you can’t fit any of your clothes? Yeah, it’s hard to just be yourself when nothing looks familiar. I couldn’t even take a photo because I was feeling like I would be the one who would mess it up. Getting to know yourself means accepting what you’ve become and peeling back the layers to find you again. Take small steps to find yourself. I asked myself these questions and posted them on posted notes around the house so I could visually see the future I was planning.

Getting To Know Yourself Questions:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What is happening in the future you want? What exactly do you see?
  3. How are you successful in your vision?
  4. If these were your last days on this earth and you knew you were about to kick the bucket in a few months, what would you do differently?
  5. Are you caring for someone who isn’t giving you enough water to make your tree bloom?
  6. What made you happy before your life changed for the worst?
  7. If money wasn’t an object, what would you be doing with your life? Would you still be living in your situation if you had money?
  8. What is currently causing you the most stress and what can I do to remove it from my life?
  9. Are you living to make someone else happy or yourself? What would make you happy?
  10. What’s the worst that can happen if people saw you at your weakest moments? How can I change it?

getting to know yourself

getting to know yourself

Connecting The Dots & Living Your Truth

Accepting the good, the bad and the ugly while getting to know yourself will help you start to live again. Just know that everything works out in the end, if you take steps and have faith. As difficult as it may be, in order to see change, you have to be willing to change. Step outside of your comfort zone and meet new people. Take up a new hobby or get a part time job at a place that allows you to meet people. Collect all that troubles you into a pile and set goals to remove or revamp them one at a time. Sell things that are cluttering up your life and use the money for something you’ve dreamed of like a vacation or to finance a new direction. Pay off one bill at a time, a tiny bit each month, until you are debt free. Whatever has caused you to lose who you are, will not last forever unless you let it. Be strong and courageous enough to get up and push that rock over that hill! You’ve got this! Beware of people who try to suck your energy and use you. This is your life so take it back. Lastly, while getting to know yourself, believe you have everything within you to fulfill your divine destiny. Each day you wake up, you might feel numb or not recognize your day, but I guarantee those little steps you’ve taken will brighten your day. Living the life you were meant to live, will make you happier and you’ll be able to feel it, if you’re on the right path. Look for little signals from the universe. Listen to those whispers you start hearing, they’ll guide you in the right direction.

getting to know yourself

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  1. I can’t help but feel grateful to God for you. Not only is your advice sound, but what impresses me MOST is to see how God moves and works in the lives of others. My delight is in the Lord and it always delights me to see the gifts He has placed in others. I love seeing His handy work. Your designs are the epitome of peace and tranquility. Even in my meager apartment and modest finances, I keep trying to achieve a place of sanctuary. Unfortunately for me, in an apartment I live among the “ghetto mentality” where respect for others peaceful enjoyment is a foreign concept. But I’m prayerful that in God’s time He will deliver me from this place, where my design ideals will create the peace I see evident in your home. You are indeed living a blessed life, and I feel blessed that you have laid some guidelines for all to follow. Not to be cliché, but……. “YOU GO GIRL!”

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