Best Fresh Scented Perfumes

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What’s Your Favorite Fragrance?

It’s hard finding new perfumes that are lightly scented these days. Most perfumes are loaded with heavy aromas such as, fruity, earthy, musks or sweet tones. I think it’s due to the popularity of some high end brands that sell a lot of these types of formulated blends. When I get invited to Hollywood parties, the air would be full of perfume worn by the women attending. They all seem to be wearing the same musk or sweet scent. I’m sure the brands were different but the scents were identical. We all are born with our own unique sense of smell. Purchasing the best fresh scent perfumes, can be difficult if you’ve never smelled it before or just by looking at a picture in a magazine or online. However buying the right perfume can make the best gift. The more elite the brand, the better the quality of perfumes you are likely to enjoy. Just be sure its a perfume you like before spraying it on, because top brands infuse oils into their blends to make the perfume last longer. The perfume will be harder to wash off.Best Fresh Scent Perfumes 2018

What are the best fresh scent perfumes on social media these days?

While online shopping for the best fresh scent perfumes, I noticed the same bottle kept popping up. Gucci Bloom is soooo very popular on the internet. Click here to see it. While shopping at my local department store, I asked for the most popular floral perfume. They walked me directly to the Gucci Bloom display. Gucci Bloom smells like really nice Jasmine flowers to me, with a huge bouquet of florals.  It was too potent for me so I didn’t purchase it, I prefer softer subtle notes. However my neighbor is obsessed with Jasmine, so this blush pink Gucci Bloom bottle would make an excellent gift for her. I saw Amazon has a cute gift set with a variety of different Gucci perfumes, for budget friendly perfume gift ideas, like for Bridesmaids. Click Here. Another popular brand of perfume that had top sales when it popped onto the seen, was a perfume by Kim Kardashian. Her brand created a line of perfumes with gardenia being the base note.  Her gardenia infusions, come inside a white, selenite looking glass bottle which sold out in hours! Click Here to check it out! She also has some heart shaped candy conversation fragrances which are so cute! Click Here you ave to see them.

Best Fresh Scent Perfumes 2018

My Fresh & Floral Perfumes Picks

I absolutely love the smell of clean and fresh or light spring flowers. My favorite scents range from African Violet or Peonies to Spring Linen. I feel balanced when wearing these two types of scents. Have you ever hugged someone who is wearing a perfume or cologne you hate and got stuck with their smell for the rest of your day? Hahaha, I can’t blame them for wearing so much, because I practically bathe in my favorite perfumes. After adding the matching lotion and body splashes, I’m usually a walking perfume closet. I do tend to go easy, when spraying my expensive perfumes, because they cost too much to replace.

Best Fresh Scent Perfumes

These are scents that I currently have on my vanity tray. Today I’m using this gorgeous charger I purchased from Amazon. Click Here to have a look. I haven’t designed my vanity area yet but its’s definitely on my things to do list. Can you guess which one I used the most? Lol I love how Chanel gift wraps the perfumes!


Best Fresh Scent Perfumes 2018

Best Fresh Scent Perfumes 2018

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Best Fresh Scented Perfumes