How To Make A Smoothie Bowl

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Do you want to make a smoothie bowl that is instagram pretty? Turn eating your daily servings of fruit and vegetables into an artistic culinary experience. Okay, maybe not hahaha, well let’s at least make it Instagram worthy. Learn how to make a smoothie bowl with your favorite fruit and nuts. I made this açai smoothie bowl and loaded it with all the essentials necessary to keep your beauty game on point! There are endless smoothie varieties and recipes online. I personalize my daily smoothies based on what I feel my body is lacking or craving. This isn’t the type of smoothie you can have on a daily basis. But you can add it to one of your weekly breakfast or lunch routines. So this is a win-win liquid meal replacement that fills you up, as well as keep you looking fabulous!

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How To Make A Smoothie Bowl With Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit makes the best accent to any smoothie bowl! Not only because of its appearance, but because of its minimal flavor. It can be combined with a sweet smoothie and it can also be combined with leafy green smoothie combinations. This exotic fruit, also know as pitaya, has a gorgeous exterior flesh with hues that include yellow and magenta. The insides of these varieties are speckled with black seeds and white flesh or crimson purple flesh. So very beautiful and Instagram cute!!!  It’s easy to peel the thick pink fleshy skin off the back, just like a bananas. It has the same thick texture as the skin of a banana.
how to make a smoothie bowl

Dragon fruit is a seasonal fruit so you’d better hurry and snatch them up quickly! Freeze some of your dragon fruit for times when they are out of season! However, I have seen dragon fruit prepackaged at my local grocery store located in the frozen foods section.

how to make a smoothie bowl

Tools Needed To Make A Smoothie Bowl

First you’ll need to decide what type of fuel your body needs, to determine your smoothie ingredients. Lately I have been dealing with low energy, along with some winter dry skin issues. Here’s a recipe that will boost my energy and restore oils back into my skin. At my local grocery store, I purchased some fruit and nuts for my smoothie. I also purchased some Acai berry guarana in the freezer section at Wholefoods, which gives me top notch energy. The pumpkin seeds really add hydrating oils back into my skin. I absolutely love the way this makes me feel!!!

Besides having your selected nourishing fruit, vegetables or nuts, I hope you’ve got a blender! In my vintage French styled kitchen I am using a small affordable blender made by Cuisinart. I purchased it from Amazon. Click here to see more details. Some day I’m going to invest in a Vitaminx Blender, I have one already in mind. I’m also loving this French style faucet Click here to see. Now, back to the smoothie! I have all of my ingredients it’s time I show you how to make a smoothie bowl.

how to make a smoothie bowl

The Perfect Acai Bowl Recipe!

Learn how to make a smoothie bowl with these ingredients

If you want a breakfast or snack that is instagram pretty, this is the recipe for you! For my energy boosting essential fatty acids hydration smoothie I chose these ingredients:


  • Acai Roots 1/2 Pack
  • Blueberries Handful
  • Blackberries Handful
  • Banana 1/2 Frozen
  • Pineapple 4 chunks Frozen
  • Cinnamon Lightly sprinkled
  • Coconut Water 4 oz

Simply blend all of these ingredients inside your blender and pour it into your bowl. The consistency should be thick, but make sure your bananas are frozen not fresh. I can’t eat fresh bananas for some reason they upset my stomach and I hate the mushy taste. If they are blended up I can tolerate the flavor and the health benefits are amazing.

how to make a smoothie bowl

Adding Toppings to Your Smoothie Bowl

Sprinkle on your toppings, making sure not to drop them into the bowl with force. I’d recommend adding the dragon fruit last or when you’re ready to snap your photo. Now that I’ve shown you how to make a smoothie bowl using dragon fruit, you’ll notice I cut the fruit two different ways. I used a melon baller and a heart shaped cookie cutter. See how I used this heart shaped cookie cutter in my Valentine’s Day Youtube video. In hindsight it was too big for this fruit and I had to purchase a smaller one from Amazon, like this one, click here. The melon baller was the fastest and it allowed me to scoop the fruit out quicker and later freeze the left overs. Initially I cut mini heart shapes and they came out pretty. I really liked the eye catching look of the speckled sphere shapes & hearts. The choices are endless, you can use any cookie cutter that fits your smoothie bowl theme. If you like mine you should click here to see the ones I got from Amazon. For the dainty kiwi garnish, initially I used a knife to manually cut them but it took forever! I found another very cool tool that saved me time, that works way better. Click here to get the kiwi cutter.

how to make a smoothie bowl

how to make a smoothie bowl

Bon Appétit Enjoy!

I do hope my recipe inspires you to add fun style to your morning breakfast smoothies. If you have any special smoothie ingredients you use, feel free to comment below!  Let me and others know how to make a smoothie bowl using your special ingredients. Be sure to check out some of my other food posts, click here.

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