If you’re tired of the same boring pancakes and want to cheer them up a little, decorate them! My glamorous pancake recipe calls for organic cacao chocolate and DIY lace! You will definitely want to watch my youtube video on pancakes! I go out of my way to create new food ideas and drink recipes that are delicious and fun! From breakfast in bed recipes, to tipsy bartender jello shots! My food recipes cookbook is full of must try delights!

Food Remedies

Growing up eating healthy, made things easy for me when living a healthy lifestyle. Today I naturally select food choices that help me when I need to eat clean or utilize natural food remedies. Find new ways to diet smart daily with my weight loss food tips and beneficial smoothie recipes. Create your grocery list with food ideas that make you excited to cook! You’ll love my beverages and fresh squeezed juices too!

How To Make A Smoothie Bowl

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The Instagram Perfect Smoothie Bowl! Do you want to make a smoothie bowl that is instagram pretty? Turn eating your daily servings of fruit and vegetables into an artistic culinary experience. Okay, maybe not hahaha, well let’s at least make it Instagram worthy. Learn how to make a smoothie bowl with your favorite fruit and …

Valentine’s Day Breakfast Ideas

Want Pancakes Made 3 Different Ways? Why settle for one type of pancake on Valentine’s Day when you can have three!!! Having choices when it comes to cooking breakfast, makes life so much easier in the mornings.  I don’t know about you, but I’m so not a morning person, so my morning routine needs to …

Hot Cocoa Bar Glam

National Hot Chocolate Day! Here’s a sweet treat that happens once a year that I absolutely knew nothing about! Did you know there is a National Hot Chocolate Day? Uhmmm Yeah, it happens today! December 13th, and no, I am not making this up. Who knew!!! I haven’t had hot cocoa since I was a …