3 Valentine’s Day Breakfast Ideas

Want Pancakes Made 3 Different Ways?

Why settle for one type of pancake on Valentine’s Day when you can have three!!! Having choices when it comes to cooking breakfast, makes life so much easier in the mornings.  I don’t know about you, but I’m so not a morning person, so my morning routine needs to be spelled out for me. Plus if you’re single on Valentine’s Day, having choices makes it easier to spoil yourself! Valentine’s Day breakfast ideas should include pancakes that reflect today. Being sick of eating plain pancakes, that always look the same, I hopped over to Target and Amazon to pick up a few tools to create some romantic breakfast foods. While shopping I saw the cutest Paris pink heart shaped boxes and containers from Lindt Lindor that had the most delicious strawberries & cream truffles in them. It was a must have, so I snatched them up. Feeling inspired by the my Target Haul, I created 3 different pancakes that I must share with you. The first one was heart shaped, with lace and Lindor strawberries and cream, the second a chocolate heart shaped pancake with white lace and the last a set of four letters that spelled out LOVE with a cookie cutter. To get the full visual check out my Youtube video to see me make these beauties in my kitchen. Here’s a quote from a lovely actress I admire who’s beauty and talent will be forever timeless:

“The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides……” Audrey Hepburn

Valentine's Day Breakfast Ideas heart shaped pancakes

Heart Shaped Lace Pancakes

What girl doesn’t like chocolate or lace! The combo together took my heart shaped pancake creation to a whole other level! I used confectioners sugar and a bbq brush to create this stenciled lace look. I found the edible lace and the perfect pancake shaper from Amazon (click here) that helped me out with all my heart shaped pancakes. Whatever your Valentine’s Day breakfast ideas, you should try this one because it was the easiest of them to make. Just whip up your basic pancakes, add the VIVA Naturals Cacao to the batter and volia! You have to watch the video to see exactly how it came to look this beautiful.

Valentine's Day Breakfast Ideas heart shaped pancakes

Valentine's Day Breakfast Ideas heart shaped pancakes

Valentine’s Day Breakfast Ideas

By turning something as simple as old fashion pancakes into a fun breakfast dessert will definitely bring a smile to your significant others face and tummy! These easy diy Valentine’s Day breakfast ideas, of melting the Lindt Lindor strawberries and cream truffles and adding fruit onto a pancake is quick and easy! You can probably use other chocolate truffles by Lindt Lindor too! They didn’t sponsor my blog or video, I purchased these with my own coins, rest assure that this is an honest review of my own usage.

Valentine's Day Breakfast Ideas heart shaped pancakes

DIY Valentine’s Day Lace Pancakes

I know it’s not lady like to lick the bowl, but I simply lost my mind when I tasted how delicious these melted truffles were on these heart shaped pancakes. hahaha. At least I was able to make the final pancakes look like something out of Bon Appétit Magazine. Don’t you agree? Have you ever licked the bowl when no-one was looking? Are ya feeling these Valentine’s Day breakfast ideas? I hope so! For the actual pancake batter I used watch my youtube video click hereValentine's Day Breakfast Ideas heart shaped pancakes

A Lindt Lindor Strawberries & Cream Truffles Valentine’s

I purchased 3 different Lindor  Truffles, the heart shaped package, the cylinder container and the bag of truffles. I used 3 truffles per pancake. I melted them in the microwave, heated a little over 33 seconds. A total of 6 strawberries and cream truffles created this look.

Valentine's Day Breakfast Ideas heart shaped pancakes

Tools You Will Need From My Target & Amazon Haul

Click each link below for more product details


Valentine's Day Breakfast Ideas heart shaped pancakes

Chocolate Cocoa Love Cookie Cutter Pancakes

This is the final pancake, and I used a letter shapes, cookie cutter, that I purchased from Target, along with some Wilton’s heart shaped sprinkles. These pancakes were brushed with confectioners sugar. The only thing missing is the syrup, fruit or some whipped cream. Yayyy! Finally some Valentine’s Day breakfast ideas that are super pretty and taste delicious! Valentine's Day Breakfast Ideas heart shaped pancakes

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I do hope you’ve enjoyed this Valentine’s Day breakfast how-to tutorial, as well as my video on Valentine’s Day Breakfast Ideas video. Enter for your chance to win these Lindt Lindor Truffles shipped to your home or your boo thang! Follow me on instagram, watch my insta story for details. Be sure to visit some of my other yummy food recipes by clicking here! Sending You Love

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