hey, I'm Almond

Here you'll find some super cool answers about lil ole me. A sister, best friend and a butterfly! Almond Summers is a Film Producer | Content Creative Director | and a successful brand influencer with a large Social media following.

Get to know Almond

Ms. Summers is a life and style digital content creator, based in Los Angeles California. Each week on her successful youtube channel, she documents her lifestyle routines, her unique home decor and a sprinkle of stylish fashion. During her first year on Youtube, Ms.Summers’ videos hit over 1 million views! Almond definitely has her own distinctive style. This Entrepreneur creates an alchemy of classical French romance, from a single gals perspective on her channel and blog. Being an influential trendsetter, a Partnership with Ms.Summers is a slam dunk for your campaigns.

Actor & Entrepreneur

Almond was once an professional working union SAG/Aftra Actor in Hollywood movies and commercials such as Doritos chips, but left the business due to tragic reasons. She has since rekindled her fire for the arts by finally living her truth, through the creation of her film style videos for Youtube and Facebook.. If you’d like to view more about Ms.Summers’ acting career visit her IMDB listing. During her down time as an Actor, Almond Summers was an entrepreneur who built her own beverage business called Fresh Juice Delivery, where she worked for almost 10 years. She has since, closed the business to focus on her life’s true passion, the arts.

Projects & Collaborations

If you would like to work with Almond on your projects, then don’t hesitate to inquire here:  Contact Almond to send me a message. Be sure to visit Almond on her other social media platforms.