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10 Tips To Prepare Your Home For Overnight Guests

Preparing For Overnight Guests

7min read

Be the memorable Hostess that stays prepared for overnight guests. Whether it’s family or friends, unexpected houseguests can pop up at any given moment. Hosting can be intimidating if you aren’t prepared. If you have a 1 bedroom or a small apartment, these essential steps will work for you too! I was sick and my family surprised me by booking tickets to fly out from the east coast to visit me. I was running all around the place trying figure out how to prepare my home for overnight guests. They had planned on staying for 2 weeks. Not only was I not feeling well but my perfectionism kicked in and I began to panic because I didn’t want them to see my small apartment looking anything but picture perfect. So this is why I’ve created these 10 essential tips on how to prepare your home for overnight guests.

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Make Bed Sheets White Again

Bright White Sheets | Bedding Care

5min read

There’s nothing like getting into a bed with clean, bright white bed sheets! The feeling of soft white bed sheets on your skin is priceless. But what if you’ve used your bed sheets and need to wash them, only to discover they look yellow after taking them out of the washing machine? Oops! Did you get your body oils on your bright white bed sheets and now they’ve got oil spots and appear dingy. Don’t be embarrassed it happens to all of us. This article shows you how to make sheets whiter and where to buy white bed sheets if you can’t get them clean.

French Office Decor Ideas

French Provincial Office Decor

6min read

Vintage French office decor ideas for your home office inspiration. If you love white, this is the ultimate vintage French office decor inspiration blog post for you. French provincial decor combined with the modern day interior elements adorn this room. A stunning bright white office with antique French desk accessories cohesively styled with my diy vintage French wall trim and crown molding. See the complete French themed office tour!

Who says we should limit our holiday decor to the traditional red and green ornaments. Romantic Christmas decorating ideas take on a whole new level in this Christmas fairy tale. My romantic Christmas designs made me feel like a princess for this holiday season. If Cinderella had a romantic Christmas tree, with the Prince who found her glass slipper, their Christmas tree would look something like the one I designed.