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Small Closet Organization Ideas

Decorating Your Closet

7min read

Are you looking for some closet decorating ideas? Build an affordable dream closet by organizing and decorating your space to fit your style. Check out these tips for creating a closet design without hiring a professional decorator. From storage options for your hats to having a tray for sunglasses, I designed solutions that are functional and cute. My wardrobe closet organization system needed some work. Everything was basically shoved into one closet making it difficult to find anything!

Looking for the perfect bbq party summer outfits for 2020? Make your summer sparkle with super trendy summer outfits! I went shopping to find shorts that would be stylish on all body types, because I have a small waist and a bigger posterior. It’s hard sometimes finding shorts that will fit my figure, because the…

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Outfits For Summer BBQ Party

2min read

Hello Sunshine! I’m so ready for summer! Can we give a round of applause for nature providing me with this AMAZING arrangement of red flowers! This is so breathtaking isn’t it!!! It felt like the royal garden entrance at the Queen’s palace. Summer is my favorite time of the year! I’m loving this red gingham…

Getting To Know Yourself

5min read

What to do when suddenly nothing looks familiar about you or your life. Do you feel like you’re coasting in your life or just going with the flow? Are you intentionally just letting the days go by due to exhaustion? Maybe you are and you don’t even realize you’ve lost track of the life you once knew. Maybe circumstances changed due to adversity, a new family, a job or an unusual situation that blocked your path causing you to feel stuck. Whatever the reasons you’re not alone.