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Best Fresh Scent Perfumes

4min read

Have you ever hugged someone who is wearing a perfume or cologne you hate and got stuck with their smell for the rest of your day? Hahaha, that’s such a terrible experience!!! We all hate it when a valet driver drops off our car and the car is filled with his cologne. Better crank up…

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Dainty Little Things

4min read

Looking for last minute gift ideas? If you’re like me, and you wait to shop for those you love, here are some amazing last minute gift ideas.  Whether you’re searching for a gift for Mom, Auntie, your sister or a best friend, this is the post for you. I’ve found some very cute gifts that every girl either wants or needs. Sometimes the best way to shop, is through word of mouth or from their wish list. Here are some suggestions that will certainly make your life so much easier.

French Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Vintage French Decor

5min read

Monochromatic vintage French bedroom decorating ideas for your home. A romantic home featuring a dreamy canopy style bed and crystal chandelier. This all white romantic bedroom was transformed from glam to French provincial. Creatively hung french wall panels and simple touches of antique gold pediments, sprinkles the air of France into this beautiful French romantic bedroom.