Top Tips on Choosing A Running Shoe

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Want to Achieve Maximum Results From Your Run?

Have your current running shoes seen better days? Are the toes starting to curl upwards or are your soles wearing away from excessive use? It might be time to treat yourself to a new pair of running shoes. Before you purchase the latest runners you see advertised on Instagram or pick a pair based upon their fancy colors and stripes, it is important you understand a few critical factors regarding choosing the right women’s running shoes. Failure to find the right shoes could lead to injury and time off from running.

Checklist For Shoe Shopping

Choosing the right running shoes and socks can have a huge impact on everything from running enjoyment to prevention of injuries. Taking the time to investigate which footwear is best for your foot mechanics will ensure you get the most out of your runs. Whether you run marathons or jog around the block, taking care of your feet should always be a top priority.

Here are a few helpful tips

  • Pay attention to the flexibility of running shoes you are considering. While a hiking shoe should be rugged with a sturdy traction sole, a running shoe should be flexible and light enough to bend with your foot as you run. Your shoes should stabilize and cushion your feet without being so rugged they don’t allow your feet to naturally flex as you run.
  • Know your arch style before purchasing a running shoe. Do you have high arches with an elevated instep? Are your feet flat with only the slightest bend in your arch? Without knowing your arch type, you can’t possibly find the right running shoe. It’s not a matter of buying a brand of footwear you like or picking a shoe based upon a celebrity endorsement; you need to purchase a good running shoe that is going to keep your feet (and the rest of your body) healthy.
  • Pronation pattern is another critical factor to consider when choosing the right running shoe. If your foot and ankle tend to bend slightly outward when you run, you under-pronate. If your ankles turn slightly inward as your feet hit the ground, you over-pronate. The way you run influences which shoes you should buy. Be sure to discuss your pronation pattern with a footwear specialist prior to choosing your next pair of runners.

What Running Shoe Am I Currently Wearing?

Right now I am currently loving these hot fuchsia pink Nike running shoes! My feet melted in them when I first tried them on. I couldn’t believe how comfortable they were in the store. They are super lightweight and they feel as if you have nothing but a rubber sole on the bottom. I find my feet don’t hurt after my run. My only concern would be, how long they actually last because the material is so thin near the big toe and I hope that it’s an intentional design. Once again the comfort in marvelous, which is a must when making running a daily routine. My favorite used to be the white Nike but I found the arch in the shoe hurt my feet after I took the shoe off and experienced soreness the next day. These run a whole inch bigger than a dress shoe. I wear a 9 in a dress shoe but an 8 in this Nike shoe.

Women’s Running Shoes

There are so many super cute Nike Women’s Running shoes on Amazon right now. The color selection is super bomb! Plus you can return them without drama, that’s alway a plus to me. Check out these out I found that would also offer an impeccable workout! I don’t normally choose vibrant colors for my own personal use because I generally like to play it safe and have my shoes compliment a lot of outfits but I couldn’t resists these pink ones. But just incase you aren’t into the whole pink thing here are some subtle colors of the same shoe but also ones I’d love to try that also look good.

Do you have a favorite running shoe that you feel offers you a powerful running experience? If so, I’d love to hear about them! Leave your comments below. Thanks!



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