Jello Shot Martini’s & Halloween Bling

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Treats & Halloween Party Ideas!

Time to get out the scary movies, over decorate your house and plan the most creative costume you can find! Even if you’re simply giving out candy at home. But let us not forget to stream the movie The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, it’s such a cartoon classic. Then prepare to watch real horror movies like Saw or Nightmare on Elm Street. The last five holidays are my favorite! Okay, my birthday doesn’t count to some people as a holiday but to me it does! In this order: (My Birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Eve). It’s even better when you have fun friends and a big family to share it with. I’m still working on the “family” part, it’s a work in progress, but until then… Bring out the creamy jello shot martini’s and the sweetest halloween treats! Speaking of “treats”… I made some amazing Candy Corn Jello Martini’s & Halloween Bling. I believe that every party should have spiked jello. Just make sure you keep these away from the kids zone.

To Be Healthy or Not To Be

I’m sorry to say these jello shot martini’s are not a healthy or a vegan friendly recipe. There are alternative ways to make a healthier jello shot martini’s which I will share with you at another time. But it’s Halloween and we’re letting our hair down and sipping cocktails on our broomsticks. Add some fun to your Halloween with these super cool candy corn infused Absolut Martini Jello shots! Just a few simple ingredients and some fancy glasses can give you that Hollywood glam style dessert. If you’d like to purchase these martini glasses click here

Candy corn jello shot martini's

Jello Shot Martini’s Recipe

1 Box Orange & Yellow Jello (Any Brand)
1 Box Unflavored Jello (Any Brand)
1 Can Coconut Milk (Organic All Natural (no other ingredients))
1 Bag Yellow Lemon Sugar
2 Bottles Absolut Vodka (Hibiscus & Mango)
1 Bottle Malibu Rum (Optional)
1 Pot Boiling Water (Measure to Your Glass sizes)
1 honey or Stevia

Make your jello according to the instructions on the boxes of jello you purchased. Also make the amount based on the sizes of your serving glasses.

Start Here:

1. Make the unflavored jello first and add in the coconut milk to taste. Do not use the entire can. Base it on your own taste buds, but also to turn the color of the unflavored jello super white. Add in the Malibu Rum to taste. Pour mixture into glasses and create a small upside down triangle in the bottom of the Martini glass. Pour only a small amount to get that white tip of the candy corn appearance.*Let this cool down for about 2 hours by placing it in the refrigerator until firm.


I’m absolutely not perfect when it comes to making layered jello. This was my first time attempting this method. This definitely requires a tiny bit of patience. I was so anxious to see the fun 3 tiered colors combined, I accidentally poured the second layer too fast. Bad idea because pouring warm jello on the second or third layer too fast causes a dent in the first layer. The way to avoid the dent is to pour slowly and in the center of the martini glass not along the edges of the circle. This can be made without alcohol and also without the sugar. The yellow sugar rim on the top created a memorable Hollywood shot! Plus the lemon flavored sugar brought out the flavor of all the other ingredients.

2. Make the Orange jello next and add in the Absolut Mango Vodka and a few tablespoons of coconut milk (this will make the jello opaque, repeat for the Yellow. Wait until this has cooled down before adding it to the glasses. Fill the glasses to begin stacking the layers. Pour Jello in the center of the glasses not on the edges, or you will create a ugly dent in the white jello.

3. Lastly, make the Yellow Jello and add in the Coconut milk and Absolut Hibiscus Vodka and pour into the glasses after the Jello has cooled down.

4. Put all the jello shot martini’s into the refrigerator until you are ready to serve. Pour the honey  / stevia and Lemon sugar onto separate small plates and gently tilt the glass on the honey plate first twirling the glass in a circle so the honey sticks to the edge or the glass. Repeat this step with the lemon sugar to desired thickness and sprinkle extra sugar on the top to cover any bad looking uneven spots and Voila! You’re done!


If you add the sugar rim too early it will melt before your guest arrive. Add only when serving. Also I placed my jello in the freezer before adding the sugar so the jello didn’t fall out during the tilt and twirl. You can also just add Halloween candy to the top instead of the sugar.

Shop My Style

Presentation is everything! Be sure to serve them up inside some cute martini glasses like I did! These glasses remind me of Paris and being a film noire movie star. They definitely offer the wow factor at any event! A Must Have in your collection. Here are some of the items I used to make this cocktail.


Candy corn jello shot martini's


Time to Test Out My Costume!

Lights Camera Action! I feel like a little kid when it comes to Halloween! I love researching all the costumes and practicing the makeup tips. I don’t think I’ll ever stop dressing up for Halloween even when I’m 90 years old! I would love to be on an episode of AMC televisions movie series called “The Walking Dead”. Cast me as a Walker any day! This Halloween I’ve decided to not be scary but be sexy. My outfit is quite unique. I’m going out to a Hollywood party as a Las Vegas Show Girl combined with Carnival. It took months to collect all the pieces to my costume, but its all worth it! Check out my Youtube video with this costume and let me know what ya think! Read more…

Almond Summers Maxim Halloween Party jello shot martini's

 I hope you enjoy these delicious candy corn jello shot martini’s, leave me a comment below and let me know your thoughts. Happy Halloween.


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