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Wanna see how I get bright white sheets for my white bedding to always look fabulous after every wash? I received a lot of comments from my Bedroom Tour video asking me, “How do you keep your bed sheets white? Girl show me how to clean sheets!” I’ve created a instructional video to show you my Top 10 Laundry Products for cleaning, a white duvet, bedding, bed sheets, yellow pillows and pillowcases. Over the years I’ve tested the best stain fighting detergents that work best for pretreating bed sheets. If you struggle with yellow bed sheets see my tips on how to clean sheets that turn yellow. Learn bedding care tips and how to wash bed sheets and covers. These laundry tips also work for your white clothes as well.

How to wash bed sheets | Bedding Care | Bright white Bed covers | Almond Summers

Top 10 Best Laundry Products

Deciding which products to use can be intimidating, especially with all the commercials and ads pulling you in every direction. It will take a lot of time and money, plus trial and error to find what actual works. Well I’ve taken the guess work out of the bright white sheets secret! I must warn you though, if using products with chemicals scare you, then this list may not be the best post for those who only use natural products by mother nature. Sometimes natural laundry cleansers just can’t get stubborn stains out and I have to turn to products like the ones listed below. If you’re ok with some chemicals, let me show you how to wash bed sheets & yellow pillows.

1. Oxiclean White Revive

2. Oxiclean Detergent

3. Arm & Hammer Baking Soda

4. Dawn Dishwashing Liquid

5. Woolite For Darks

6. White Vinegar

7. Resolve Carpet Cleaner (In the Can only) Not The Plastic Bottle

8. Bleach

9. Peroxide

10. Shout Stain Remover

How to wash bed sheets | Bedding Care | Bright white Bed covers | Top 10 Best Laundry Products

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My Top Picks For Keeping Bed Sheets White!

These are the products that I have used for years. They work to tough remove stains and keep my bedding as well as my clothes and towels vibrantly white. For stubborn lipstick stains and greasy eyeliner, I recommend using the Dawn. Just apply the dawn on the stain and rub it into the fabric on the lipstick or eyeliner and let it sit for a minimum of 2 hours. Then apply stain remover, followed by washing it in your washing machine. I have a high efficiency washing machine but a regular washing machine works too. I started these methods using a regular washing machine and it has always worked perfectly!

Bedding Care | Pretreat Stains

How To Wash Bed Sheets

Pretreating stained sheets by soak them is ultimately the best way to get your sheets looking like you just purchased them. This is by far the best method.  Simply fill a bucket or a clear container large enough to fit the bedding or pillows with super hot water. Next, add the Dawn dishwashing liquid, baking soda, Oxiclean detergent, Oxiclean revive, peroxide, and spray the sheets or yellow pillows with the stain remover. Let them soak for 24 hours. These methods are NOT for dark clothes or any clothes with color. It will fade them. Repeat these steps until you have the desired brightness. Just be sure not to dry your sheets if you repeat these steps. If you want to know more about bedding care and how to wash bed sheets, this method has been tested and is by far the best!

Make Sheets Whiter

Pretreating stains is the best way to be sure your bright white sheets always look brilliant. My technique for getting them super clean is best displayed in my youtube video. How to wash sheets and get them bright white! Click here to watch. However, if you’re in a hurry and need a fast solution, simply spray your sheets with Shout along with the Resolve stain remover and let it sit for a few hours. Then toss them into your washing machine. I sometimes use this method when I don’t feel like using the pretreatment soaking method. Simply spray the Shout first and make your sheets super wet and follow it up with the Resolve spray. Lastly sprinkle some baking soda on it and let it sit inside your laundry basket for a few hours or until you’re ready to wash them. I find that this doesn’t work as well if you skip a step.

How to wash bed sheets | Bedding Care | Bright white Bed covers | Top 10 Best Laundry Products | Make Sheets Whiterdiy Fabric softener & Brighter Whites

Now that you’ve learned how to wash bed sheets, here are some bedding care tips to make your bed sheets whiter and softer. After using the pretreatment methods, wash your sheets again without detergent and add baking soda to the drum of your wash and also add white vinegar to the rinse cycle. The white vinegar acts as a fabric softener and also brightens up your whites. This step is essential if you used bleach in your laundry and your whites look yellow. Easy tips to keep your whites the brightest and your clothes the softest! These steps may take a little more effort but in the end your bedding and clothes will look amazing and last for a long time. I highly recommend washing the bed sheets and clothes without the detergent the second time to remove the chemicals, so don’t skip this step! It will make sheets whiter!

How to wash bed sheets | Bedding Care | Bright white Bed covers | Top 10 Best Laundry Products

If you decide to use any of my tips on bedding care and how to wash bed sheets, feel free to tag me on social media @AlmondSummers I’d love to see how it worked out for you! I do hope you enjoyed my blog, leave me a comment below and share your top laundry products or tips with me and others.

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