Hot Cocoa Bar Glam

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National Hot Chocolate Day!

Here’s a sweet treat that happens once a year that I absolutely knew nothing about! Did you know there is a National Hot Chocolate Day? Uhmmm Yeah, it happens today! December 13th, and no, I am not making this up. Who knew!!! I haven’t had hot cocoa since I was a kid. Nor have ever seen or been to a hot cocoa bar. I sure missed out as a kid. But better late than never I guess. This is a day of celebrating the yummiest, hot dessert in a cup, with lots of delicious edibles guaranteed to make your waistline increase. I’ve seen amazing varieties of hot cocoa recipes online today. The Christmas holiday brings out the best drink recipes and holiday beverages that look so over-the-top. Starbucks really pushes the envelope, especially with their Christmas Tree Frappuccino.

Hot Cocoa Bar -Glam Chocolate Bar DIY

Hot Cocoa Bar

After spending time looking for some hot cocoa to add to my fun Christmas holiday, I noticed there were a lot of rustic, tin pan, hot cocoa stations with an array of goodies on them, including hot chocolate in large jars. I also noticed that this look seemed to be the standard look for hot cocoa bars in most of the photos. Thats when the idea hit me to create a video that would offer us girly girls another option for serving up some hot chocolate cocoa at home, while hosting from a bar that looks super glamorous and pretty. I started off with a small hot cocoa bar in my kitchen but got a bit carried away with all the extra desserts that I ran out of room on the kitchen counter to put everything. Light bulb moment sent me skipping into my dining room to my buffet cabinet and the rest is history! I started decorating with items from around the house and other Christmas decorations I recently purchased, like these cute gold mini plates and this Santa Coffee Cup.

Vintage Christmas Candy

Ribbon Christmas Candy

No hot cocoa bar would be complete without some festive Christmas candy! I found some really amazing candy for my hot chocolate bar while shopping. The variety included, handmade peppermint Christmas Tree lollipops, some old school ribbon Christmas candy, as well as some Now And Later, green apple flavored Candy Canes. Good Heavens, how in the world will I eat all of these nostalgic sweets! They all taste so freaking delicious!!!  Do you remember eating these?

Hot Cocoa Bar Ribbon Christmas Candy

Foods For The Hot Chocolate Bar

DIY Hot Cocoa Bar Ideas

Who can resist pink and white marshmallows that smell like cotton candy. Not me! I found these super soft cocoa treats, along with some macaroons, which I added some snowflakes to the top of them for a Christmas affect (Click here to buy them). Adding any kind of edible cookie will fill up your hot cocoa bar as nice as these gingerbread cookies I pick up at my local bakery. As for the cocoa you will need for your hot chocolate station, I chose 2 varieties from Williams Sonoma called Classic and Double Dark Chocolate. I love the storage container it comes in, because once the bag has been opened, the can easily seals from the tight fitting closure.

If you prefer to make your own cocoa from scratch, I highly recommend choosing a cocoa that is organic such as this brand I love called, Viva Naturals. I discovered them while making my afternoon smoothies and I was craving a chocolate blend without a lot of unnecessary ingredients in it. They carry the cocoa powder as well as the chocolate nibs, which is perfect for making hot cocoa. Chocolate is so good for your health, its definitely worth keeping a bag of it in your pantry.

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Hot Cocoa Bar

Gourmet Hot Chocolate Fun

Putting together this classy, glamorous, hot chocolate bar was so much fun! I do hope your gourmet hot cocoa bar turns out nicely, whether you decide on the rustic tin pan look or the glam look. Hopefully I have inspired you to decorate a space in your home with whimsical housewares and loads of decadent foods. Have a lovely holiday with your family, be sure to sip on some of your favorite cocoa with lots of sprinkles and marshmallows. Don”t forget to watch my Blush Pink Christmas Tree Video. 

Hot cocoa bar Almond Summers christmas 2017


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