Which social media apps give you the top results?

Lately I’ve been thinking how great it would be to really indulge and create a social media brand for my business. At first I only sought out social media for fun, but after years of playing around on it and progressing in my business I think I’m ready to swim with the sharks. Pray I don’t get bit! My top choices in random order are: Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. I wish I understood Twitter better from a money making standpoint but I don’t. I merely see it as a popularity platform for celebrities venting. Otherwise it feels like crickets chirping for newbies and people just starting out on Twitter.

I used to really love Periscope too, also owned by Twitter, but something happened where they managed to lock down the new people traffic, who in the past could randomly log onto your Periscopes in seconds making it super easy to be seen and gain new followers. Now when you start a live scope it’s crickets chirping again if you don’t already have followers. …Ain’t nobody got time for that… lol. My traffic isn’t bad on either of these two platforms for my personal accounts but for all things new, let’s just say we must grab the bikini and prepare to dive into the deep end of the shark tank. But I haven’t completely thrown in the towel on these two apps yet, however I’d love to try some others ones out there.

As for my top choices, lets start with Snapchat, its a fantastic app but I’m a little nervous about the “friends knowing your current location” feature. It identifies you at your exact street location when you are posting a story if you are not using the ghost option. It makes me nervous for so many reasons including hackers and stalkers. What are your thoughts about this Snapchat feature? Does it bother you? I don’t think I’ll be using that feature but everything else is fun especially the filters! I can’t get enough of the filters making me look either silly or beyond flawless with animal ears and noses! Do add me on snapchat see more!


The rest are YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, let’s start pumping the air into the white swan float because I’m definitely getting my natural 4D hair wet. In the summer you must have a fun float for the beach or pool!! I’ll definitely be uploading a new video on my latest float. I never wanna grow up.

I’m super excited to announce I’ve set them all up and I’m ready to start delivering you amazing content, fun giveaways, reviews and more so be sure to follow me, add me or like me asap so you never miss any of my adventures!

Planning & Posting On Social Media

Social media does take a bit of planning otherwise you’ll end up in a panic trying to constantly keep the content flowing daily. Believe me I tried this and as soon as life happened I was already behind a weeks worth of posting. I found some really awesome apps that really help with planning that does make planning easier. One called Unum, its amazing for choosing your photos in advance for Instagram. To make your photos look cohesive its an awesome way to see your photos line up prior to posting them. I think its a fairly new app because its currently free but I definitely think they may charge after it becomes super popular. As for YouTube well lets just say this is the most difficult for me because I had to learn new video editing software like Adobe Premiere and eventually switched to Final Cut Pro X because it was easier and way faster to jump into the water. But I’m very excited to make videos, especially because I think I look better in videos than in still photos.(╹◡╹)Now Facebook I’ve pretty much nailed, but its a continuously growing platform so I’ll definitely keep the energy flowing over there. Lastly, Snapchat speaks for itself. It’s a super fun app and I love using it.

What Tools Make The Magic Happen?

I got really awesome camera equipment but boy they are incrediblly intricate to use but I’m so excited about the things they can do. My Canon PowerShot G7X I got from Amazon, I use for going out with friends because it’s not too big or clunky and fits in a purse. It’s super cute and I love the fact that the lens closes so it doesn’t come in contact with the stuff inside my purse. It takes very nice crisp clean photos even at night and isn’t grainy like my iPhone. You will need to purchase an additional battery though because I find myself going through a battery very quickly. But my Canon EOS 80D Digital SLR and my Manfrotto Digital Director I purchased on Amazon are great for home and location shoots, where you are seeking extreme quality filming. I’m truly a happy Vlogger! Definitely should’ve taken that photography class in school when I had the chance.


I do want to produce some “How-To” videos on my other Almond YouTube Channel. Subscribe to my channels and let me know what you think. I do hope to produce energetic content for you and ask that you grab some popcorn and enjoy my many adventures.


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