Take a peek inside my life’s journey from my everyday routine to, breaking bad habits or simply sharing stories of bountiful blessings in my wellness journey. I began to blog after running a juice delivery business for 9 years. In order to figure out what path I was going to take next, blogging created blueprint. Mapping out my lifestyle blogs showed me more about my likes and dislikes. From my traveling experiences, to testing out beauty products at an all natural products expo, it’s great to share them with you.  

Top Tips on Choosing A Running Shoe

Top Tips on Choosing A Running Shoe

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Want to Achieve Maximum Results From Your Run? Have your current running shoes seen better days? Are the toes starting to curl upwards or are your soles wearing away from excessive use? It might be time to treat yourself to a new pair of running shoes. Before you purchase the latest runners you see advertised on Instagram or ...