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Advice & Thoughts (2)

We all need a bit of cheering up at some point in our lives. Finding methods that will inspire us can be achieved in many ways. For me it’s by experiencing things in my daily routine. It can also occur if I watch a few motivational videos. Inspirational movies aren’t the only way I lift my spirits up. I enjoy reading inspiring quotes with creative typography that feeds the mind, spirit and soul. Sometimes it’s the little things that can cheer you up or boost your confidence. My first 2 minute inspirational video vlog on Youtube was fun to shoot! Be sure to add it to your Youtube playlist. I am definitely adding more short enlivening movies to my things to do list. So stay tuned!

Feeling Empowered

I don’t know about you but when I see someone I admire, I get motivated by their energy. A few of the motivating videos I’ve found online have truly made my grind and hustle stronger. Sometimes a mentor can help lift you up and guide you into a new brighter direction.

Cocktails 101 (2)

Looking for some glam but classy cocktail party ideas? See my spin on creative cocktails paired with high end glassware. Eclectic cocktail recipes and tips on the best appetizers to serve your guest at your event. See all the bartender essentials I’ve found while shopping. This cocktail category will include some of the most amazing post. I will not only feature cocktails but also extensions of the word. Examples: Cocktail etiquette, Cocktail garnish or Cocktail history.

Bar Supplies & Liquor Guide

If you are having a party and are confused about what type of alcohol you need this is the category for you. See a list of the top basic brands, to the most expensive alcohol brands, you will need to be a great hosts. From wines to beer to tequila shots, your guest will be lit! See trendy cocktail recipes and ideas featuring new alcohol brands and wine tasting reviews to help with your party and holiday drinks.

Decor (5)

Looking for some home decorating ideas? How about some living room ideas? Decorating your room can be challenging if you a new to decorating. It can also be fun if you have the right guide that can help you. My style of home design tends to be more French with a touch of modern. My preference is the monochromatic style home decor. I use mostly whites and brighter colors with a single pop of color. I offer clean and simple designs for decorating your home or apartment. If you are a romantic like me, you’ll love my bedroom decorating ideas video on youtube. It has over 100k views! Budget friendly DIY home decor is also on my blog. Its helpful when you want personalized home decorations.

Home Tour

On the blog you will find lots of home tours as well as how-to home decorating ideas. I’m also OCD with a plethora of house cleaning tips. During Christmas see my hacks on decorating a Christmas tree.

Fashion (6)

You don’t have to wait for fashion week in order to create your own style. There are many ways to get started improving your wardrobe. Developing a personal style will make you the happiest. I put together many lookbooks during my journey but I’m no pro. Lol! It’s definitely a lot of fun trying on clothes and doing clothing haul videos. Fashion bloggers are everywhere these days so you’re bound to find one who has looks you’d love. This makes shopping so much easier. I tend to find deals and share them on my Instagram, for convenient shopping.

Fashion Journey

I’m developing my style on a daily basis and growing from a girl to a woman has it’s challenges. I had to let go of a lot of the nightclub style clothes and add more material to my casual outfits. I also believe in creating stylish fashions on a budget and not always high end brands. Evolving into a classy lady is my ultimate goal. Hope you will follow me and enjoy the process.

Food (3)

If you’re tired of the same boring pancakes and want to cheer them up a little, decorate them! My glamorous pancake recipe calls for organic cacao chocolate and DIY lace! You will definitely want to watch my youtube video on pancakes! I go out of my way to create new food ideas and drink recipes that are delicious and fun! From breakfast in bed recipes, to tipsy bartender jello shots! My food recipes cookbook is full of must try delights!

Food Remedies

Growing up eating healthy, made things easy for me when living a healthy lifestyle. Today I naturally select food choices that help me when I need to eat clean or utilize natural food remedies. Find new ways to diet smart daily with my weight loss food tips and beneficial smoothie recipes. Create your grocery list with food ideas that make you excited to cook! You’ll love my beverages and fresh squeezed juices too!

Food & Drinks (5)

I’m discovering healthy but tasty food and drink recipes on my exploration of eclectic foods journey. You’re invited! Come join me, while I plate delicious foods with perfection and I pretend to be a professional culinary chef. I’ll be sharing regular meals, and attempt to create yummy vegan recipes and realistic healthy meals. Don’t worry, it’s not all healthy, we must spoil ourselves sometimes. Lol! Convenient tips for quick and easy recipes to make preparing meals during your week fast & easy! I blog about trendy holiday recipes, such as Thanksgiving and Easter dinner, to everyday breakfast recipes including weight loss dinner recipes. This site has something special and easily planned out for your holiday ideas.

Tableware & Place Settings

It doesn’t stop there, we’ve got to set the table! I’ve designed some chic, elegant and romantic tables with classy and stylish tableware and proper place setting ideas for your dining room or kitchen.

For The Home (5)

If you are in need of a room makeover for your home, here’s some decorating ideas. Tips for decorating your home, for those who prefer clean and simple styles. Home decor that isn’t just about brand labels on wall art. Original ideas that help inspire you to design your own room. Easy DIY decorating hacks that make small house or apartment decorating look amazing!

Home Decor Accessories

Sometimes just swapping out simple home wall art or kitchen cabinet knobs can be the key to updating a space. See some of my home shopping hauls where I review and recommend must have home accessories! Does your tile need new grout? Let me show you how I brought my old kitchen tile back to life with a few easy counter renovation tips. That isn’t the only DIY home project I have on my list. My living room decorating video hit 100K views which featured one of my add a wall on a wall renovations.

Health & Fitness (1)

This is where I have so much fun! Health and fitness tips are my favorite to blog about!

Juice & Smoothies (2)

I ran a juice beverage delivery business for almost 10 years. My expertise on creating juice smoothie recipes is beyond qualified. From my weight loss juice cleanses to my detox wellness shots, I know a thing or two, about juice recipes. I can not start my day without a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice. There is nothing more refreshing then drinking juice straight from mother nature. During my morning routine videos I will do my best to incorporate my daily juice recipes. Plus I’ll show you how to stock up on produce and store your fruit and vegetables for when they’re out of season.

Juicing 101

Juicing can be fun, but it can also be a pain, which makes knowing where to purchase juice valuable. There are a lot of great juice vendors but finding a juice business in your area can be difficult. It’s best to learn to make your own smoothie bowls as well as juice your own juices if buying isn’t an option.

Lifestyle (5)

Take a peek inside my life’s journey from my everyday routine to, breaking bad habits or simply sharing stories of bountiful blessings in my wellness journey. I began to blog after running a juice delivery business for 9 years. In order to figure out what path I was going to take next, blogging created blueprint. Mapping out my lifestyle blogs showed me more about my likes and dislikes. From my traveling experiences, to testing out beauty products at an all natural products expo, it’s great to share them with you.

Keeping it Real

The realness of life, is what makes the real lifestyle bloggers authentic. Mourning routines should be realistic as well as dealing with 4 D natural hair textures. Most people will be able to relate to lifestyle bloggers with authenticity. As we age so much around us changes, which provides so many teachable blog stories. These experiences are all shared inside this lifestyle category.

Personal (3)

Life transitions can be difficult and stressful. I went from a secure business  job to blogging and creating videos for youtube. The journey has uncharted territories for me. In this category I post my thoughts and most intimate frustrations. Most women I’ve seen who are successful using social media have a significant spouse helping them out with their photos etc and also in other helpful ways. However, I do everything on my own which may take longer and may require me to be multifaceted. Plus learning the equipment to make posting and taking photos top notch quality, takes time. Exclusively Almond was a title I created to separate my personal blogs from my business posts.

Social Media

The easiest ways to keep in touch with me throughout my new journey is through my social media accounts. Be sure to follow me or add me as your friend so you can see my day to day activities.

Videos (9)

Create the life you’ve always wanted! I’m happy to have found a home on youtube creating lifestyle video vlogs.  Being an actor in films is my greatest joy and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. However, I’ve found making films for youtube and Facebook to be just as rewarding! Being an actor and seeing your name in lights or on the movie screen is beyond intoxicating. But while waiting for that “yes” after an audition forces you to create a career through other platforms. Youtube and Facebook have allowed me to do just that. Be sure to Subscribe & Like my page on both of these social websites, I upload different content on each site.

Film Maker

My style for making videos are usually themed with movie style cinematography. I think it would be a dream to actually make a movie. I’ve written some short skits, that I will upload on another youtube channel. So for now my main focus is on my Lifestyle / Home Decor / Beauty /Fashion vlogs.